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Dr. Rochelle Smith, DC MS PAK

Doctor of Chiropractic




McKinney, TX 75070

A Bit About Me

Welcome! Just a little bit about me ... 

I am a born and raised Texas girl and mother to five beautiful children. Early in my childhood, I was in and out of the hospital frequently due to asthma and the complications that go along with it. At one point, my body failed and I left this earth momentarily. Jesus sent me back because He "had work for me to do".


Late into my twenties, a stumbled upon the root cause of my asthma. I came down with food poisoning from tainted meat. If you've ever had it, you know how bad it is. I began doing research into going vegetarian, but quickly fell down the rabbit hole of eating a solely plant-based diet. After 30 days of eliminating all animal sources from my diet, I not only lost 30lbs, but I was not needing to rely on my inhaler. After 90 days, I was able to go completely off my asthma medication. Since then, I have been asthma-free and pursuing more information on holistic and alternative health options.


In 2017, my life was turned upside down with the loss of a son at 16wks and my husband leaving. The last 10 years of being a homemaker and homeschooling mom were over. I knew I had to find something to provide for my kids, but allow flexibility to still homeschool and it had to be something meaningful. While on a hike, I was led to holistic healing. I said, "Lord, if this is my calling, you're going to have to eliminate the obstacles and make it happen." And He did. I finished not only my bachelor's degree, but also my masters and doctorate. I also knew that the education provided by the university was only meant to provide the necessary information to pass boards and become licensed. So I began attending seminars and supplementing my education.


I have completed all of the courses taught by the IFM, attended most of the ICPA seminars, numerous chiropractic seminars, and many holistic, energy healing seminars such as CRA, Lebowitz, NET and Quintessential Applications. Even with all of this time and education, I am still amazed at the results my members have after sessions. I am passionate about helping people and serving my community by offering the wisdom and guidance everyone deserves. 

At Phoenix Rising Wellness Sanctuary, you are not just a patient or a number. You become a member of a thriving community of people in search of optimal health and wellness. It's time to turn your tests into testimonies, trials into triumphs, and messes into messages. 

God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. 

I didn't choose this type of work, it chose me. Let's rise together. 


1 / Degrees 

Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science - University of North Texas

Masters of Science in Functional Nutrition - Parker University

Doctor of Chiropractic - Parker University

2 / Current Certifications

FOCUS Certified Practitioner

PAK - Professional Applied Kinesiology

NET Certified Practitioner

Webster Certified Practitioner

3 / Memberships & In Progress Certifications

ICPA Member - Certification in progress

ICAK Member

TCA Member

IFM Member - Certification in progress

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